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Jan Johansson: Folkvisor (HECD-000)
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As far as the Swedes are concerned, Folkvisor is a classic. It has sold a quarter of a million copies, making it the best selling Swedish jazz record of all time. It features haunting, sparse interpretations of Swedish folk music. Like most all of Heptagon's 60's Jazz reissues, the CD features musicians such as Georg Riedel, Egil Johansen, Arne Domnrus, et alii. (64 minutes) [info]

Jan Johansson: Den Korta Fristen (HECD-001)
*grammy* [audio] [browse now] [buy now]
This pioneering recording of thirteen exciting and creative big band jazz arrangements won a Grammy. With the legendary Swedish National Radio Big Band. (61 minutes)

Jan Johansson: Musik genom Fyra Sekler (HECD-002)
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Music from the past four centuries. This record also has moving interpretations of Swedish folk music, from medieval to the present. It also won a Grammy. (120 minutes / 2 CDs) [info]

Jan Johansson: 8 bitar/Innertrio (HECD-005)
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Two early sixties LPs of inventive piano trio jazz, now available on one CD. These sparkling recordings were praised by the critics and the public alike. (76 minutes)

Jan Johansson: 300.000 (HECD-006)
*grammy* [audio] [browse now] [buy now]
300.000 also won a Grammy. It has a more broad range of material, from folkore interpretations to avant-garde. Like the other Heptagon reissues, it features the elite of the Swedish 60s jazz scene. (55 minutes) [info]

Jan Johansson: Live in Tallinn (HECD-007)
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An extensive search of Estonian radio archives unearthed this vigorous live recording from the 1966 Tallinn jazz festival. It was sonically restored for this CD release. (46 minutes) [info]

Jens Johansson: Ten Seasons (HECD-008)
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Ten Seasons is the first solo piano effort of world-renowned Swedish keyboardist Jens Johansson. Swedish press called it "exciting and projective" and "rich in association and saturated with atmosphere". (55 minutes) [info]

Benny Jansson: Virtual Humanity (HECD-009)
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Benny Jansson is one of the hottest Swedish guitarists today. On Virtual Humanity, his first solo record, he presents an exciting mixture of jazz and heavy metal. (48 minutes) [info]

Jan Johansson: En Resa i Jazz och Folkton (HECD-010)
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This diverse compilation of EPs and previously unreleased material from the sixties gives an excellent picture of the vivid Swedish jazz scene at the time. (45 minutes) [info]

Anders/Jens Johansson and Allan Holdsworth: Heavy Machinery (HECD-011)
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Heavier than most of Allan's previous session work. Plenty of nuances, and fresh, unpolished grooves. Nice melodies and fluent, keen, melodic improvisations. Dynamic yet uncompromisingly brutal drum work. Friends of sophisticated instrumental music will not be disappointed (51 minutes) [info]

Jan Johansson Spelar Musik P Sitt Eget Vis (HECD-012)
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Jan Johansson's extraordinary musical talent really shines through on this recording. Features playful and creative arrangements of a broad mixture of Swedish and American music. A double LP on a single CD. (77 minutes) [info]

The Colubrids (HECD-013)
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The progenitors of Swedish power pop make their Heptagon debut with 14 strong pop songs. Part of the same scene/sound/movement as Brainpool and Cardigans. (51 minutes)

Jan Johansson/Svend Asmussen: Jazz p Ungerska/In Pleno (HECD-014)
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Hungarian folk songs performed together with violinist Svend Asmussen. The record in Pleno is a more straight jazz effort. 2 LPs on one CD. (74 minutes) [info]

Anders Johansson: Red Shift (HECD-015)
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Drummer/producer Anders Johansson paints fourteen sketches pulsating with rhythm. With the help of musicians from Europe, China and the Middle East he creates sonic panoramas that sparkle with creative energy. On this record he has succeeded in finding a link between Europe's millennium-long tradition of serious music and the rest of the world. Jonas Hellborg plays fretless and fretted basses on many of the tracks. Anders also demonstrates that he still has the monster drum chops of a master. Features Jamal Evans, Dieter Kpfke, and others. (67 minutes) [info]

Jens Johansson: Fission (HECD-016)
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A progressive keyboard record. Features Anders Johansson, and the guitarists Shawn Lane, and Mike Stern. Jens wields fairly massive chunks of complex material, seemingly without much effort. The musical connections are carefully illuminated and reveal themselves forthright. The music feels fresh and lucid, and avoids the common pitfalls for composers in this genre. There is no heavy metal influence at all, rather, the music has its roots in 70s and 90s progressive rock culture. At times, you can hear echoes of Mahavishnu, UK and Zappa; at times completely new ground is broken. The interplay feels natural, and the fluent, precise drumming alone is reason enough to sit up and take notice. The three soloists (Jens, Mike, Shawn) show richness in imagination and speed, but also in phrasing and melodic feeling. (69 minutes) [info]

Jan Johansson/BA Wallin: Barnvisor (HECD-017)
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Children's songs, tastefully arranged for big band and chamber orchestra. Also included are "grown up" big band versions of some of the songs -- versions that weren't released on the original LP. Features the cream of the crop of Sweden's very vivid Jazz scene in the 60s, (Arne Domnrus and Sahib Shihab to mention two). (60 minutes) [info]

Jan Johansson: Blues (HECD-018)
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A collection of masterful interpretations of blues and jazz standards. Yet another solid record worth many listens. Like all of the CDs here, most of Sweden's Jazz elite at the time were involved. One of Heptagon's best sellers. Features Ingvar Callmer, Gunnar Johnson, Georg Riedel, Egil Johansen, Rune Gustafsson, Sabu Martinez. (65 minutes)

Johansson: "The Johansson Brothers" and "Sonic Winter" (HECD-021/022)
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Rock music. 2 CDs for the price of one! "The Johansson Brothers" was released in 1994, "Sonic Winter" in 1997. Features Leif Sundin, Anders and Jens, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marcel Jacob, John Levn, and others. (117 minutes / 2 CDs)

Johansson: The Last Viking (HECD-023)
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Melodic Scandinavian 80s-style metal featuring Jens, Anders, Gran Edman (also formerly with Yngwie) and Mike Romeo (of Symphony X fame). Neoclassical finesse and solid songwriting. Stellar performances, but without the customary noodling. (49 minutes)

Benny Jansson: Flume Ride (HECD-024)
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Benny's second solo album of spectacular and very melodic, inventive and tight fusion, in a style similar to those Holdsworth and Henderson popularized. Also features Anders and Jens Johansson, and Patrik Albin. (54 minutes)

Elvis Pelvis (HECD-025)
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Fresh, updated pop/rock versions of the best Elvis classics. A great party album! Features Jakob Hydn and Anders Johansson. (50 minutes)

Magnus Rosn: Imagine a Place (HECD-026)
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Hammerfall bass player Magnus Rosn does the unexpected on his first solo album, together with jazz sax player/flautist Biggi Vinkeloe. A lyrical, melodious, sometimes serene record. (71 minutes)

Magnus Rosn: Reminiscence (HECD-027)
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Hammerfall bass player Magnus Rosn's second solo album. (59 minutes)

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