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Narnia's guitar player Calle relaxes after the gig in Helsinki (Lepakko)

The very nice view from the sauna-equipped dressing room in Lappajärvi

Jukka Wahlsteen, the sound guy, is one with nature, and in harmony with the universe. (If Jukka has Buddha-nature, does it follow that Buddha has Jukka-nature?)

Two Finnish guys in the bar after the show in Lappajärvi

Another scene from the bar (also Lappajärvi). From left; Jari Kainulainen, Finnish Female Person, Jörg Michael, Timo Tolkki

Happened to bump into Jonas Hellborg after his solo bass gig in Tampere. Here he is, relaxing with half a liter of Lapin Kulta in the Helsinki Vantaa airport

The gang after landing in Düsseldorf; Jörg, Timo Kotipelto, Jukka

A picture from Dynamo Open Air (we played the open air part, this was inside somewhere close to our dressing rooms)

Tolkki in a Dortmund Holiday Inn hotel room

En route to Milano. Ethanol -- the only way to fly!

Interior shot from "Gasoline Station". This was a Milano disco which featured free drinks for their rock'n'roll celebrities, at least up to a point. That's Pantera drummer Vince Abbott in the background

Pouring alcohol on the flames, again, at the Gasoline Station

Italian fans at the festival area (Milano)

Jörg and Jari before show

Heavy Metal is the Law

Law-abiding Italians

Tolkki bidding Milano goodbye

En route again...

...the only way to fly.

Recording session in Kallio

Jörg tasting the Finlandia at the gold disc party in Club Tavastia, Helsinki

Another shot from the Tavastia stage

More Tavastia


Jörg again

Virtasalmi. The day before Midsummer. The Swedish band "the Boppers" just went on stage. It's 10 PM.

Also Virt(s)asalmi. This is a little later, the Stratovarius crowd. Somewhat greater in numbers -- perhaps 150 strong. Something with lack of advertising...

Kotipelto on stage in Nummirock Festival (Nummijärvi) at midnight

Too much Nummi can be detrimental to your health. Not to mention your mental health. Dunno about dental health.

Finland, Finland über alles.

This poor guy also had too much Nummi fun.

Blind Skier... no other comment necessary really

Nummi, nummi, nummi, I got booze in my tummi...

More Finnish midsummer revelers, celebrating in the traditional Finnish way -- too much!!

Jari with Janne Niinimaa (Defenseman for the Edmonton Oilers)

Left: woman collecting rain water from a tree. Right: unconscious man collecting and metabolizing ethanol in his liver.

Finnish nummi woman looking quite happy despite a somewhat erratically pitched tent

A kiss goodnight

Festival goers enjoying the Don Huonot show

Pisacco: "Micturating Madonna in the Mist," pixels on phosphor, 1998

Time to go home!

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